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§1. General Rules


Beginner friendly does not mean that beginners have a special protection. It means that admins answer your questions (except on the topic of beginner friendly) and that admins give you demolition help, if you ever messed up. It is up to everyone how he plays as long as he does not cheat.


Insults that go below the belt are to be refrained from. But if it gets out of hand, the player will get a mute. Streaming/recording is allowed on the server. We are not liable for the content of the recordings. We point out that on the server Youtuber / Streamer play and your voices may be heard on Youtube / Twitch. To ensure moderation, only English or German is allowed in the global chat. In case of violations we will mute the perpetrators.


Incitement of the people in any way will not be tolerated. In case of repetition, the player will get a mute or ban depending on the type of violation.


Third party advertising will result in a permanent ban.


Spam of any kind that interferes with gameplay (spam in chat, playing loud music over voice, etc.) may result in a mute. Spam in our social media groups (Discord, Steam, Facebook, etc.) that have nothing to do with Rust or our server will be deleted without discussion. Links to any cheats or hacks in our social media groups will result in a ban.


If the server crashes or you lose items due to a bug, they will not be replaced. Unless you can prove that you had the items in your inventory or build.


Real money trading in the global chat or on our Discord is to refrain, privately you can do what you want. In case of violation a 24h mute will be imposed, in case of repetition there will be a mute until the force wipe. The [EU] German Starter Server is not liable for scam or the like and will not give out any player data in this regard!


Players who intentionally try to lag the server will be banned for the entire wipe.

We can expect a certain level of decency and behavior from every player. For this reason, we will not intervene immediately with every little thing. You can alert the admins if there is a misconduct, but we still decide if there is any need for action.

§2. Hacks & Cheating


Players with a VAC Ban / Gameban under 100 days or more than two bans will be sorted out by the system. No matter in which game these were pronounced.


If a player gets a ban on our servers, the whole team will be banned. We reserve the right to clarify the case internally. In case of permanent discussions in the chat, the players involved will be muted.


Bugs that do not bring any game advantages or have been agreed with the admins are allowed. Bugs that give an unfair advantage or interfere too much in the game are not to be exploited and can lead to a ban.


If a player is accused of cheating, he is obliged to disclose his profile (to the admin). If this is refused, the player can be banned from playing on the server "German Starter".

§3. Demolition help & Building


In order for the admins to give you demolition help, you must be the owner of a Base. If there are any discrepancies, the admin will check if the player or his team really built the Base. If the discrepancies cant be solved, the player who built the Base has to be present in person. We do this so that players do not abuse the admins for raiding. If a player tries to deceive an admin he has to expect a ban.


Griefing by placing tool cupboards encased in walls or windows is forbidden (placing new (locked) doors is allowed). The installation of the toolcupboard around an external base is only permitted if the TC is accessible from the outside through doors. The siege of a Base is allowed, even with a (Raid)Base. All objects that do not comply with the rules will be removed by the admins.


Randomly placed walls or items (after a raid) that make inhabiting Base impossible may be removed by the Admin. Provided that the base builder / his team has rights to the cabinet again. If players take over an empty or raided Base, the admins are not allowed to remove doors or walls. The same applies to doors placed by raiders.


Whole bases will not be demolished by the admins if they exceed a size of 2x2 and 2 floors high. Larger bases will be decided depending on the situation. When groups leave the server, the corresponding base will not be removed.


If players install their own locker this is allowed, but the admins will not open Outside TCs anymore. If you install your loot in front of players who raid it, you have to make it accessible for yourself again.


Frames in which a door / gate is located, are demolished by the admin only if it is possible for the player to open the codelock and he is the builder. In addition, building rights must be currently available.


Each admin has the right to decide whether to replace objects that were accidentally removed.

§4. The Admins


The admins do their work voluntarily and therefore do not offer 24/7 ingame support! Every admin also has a private life and obligations outside of Rust.


You want to be treated fairly and justly by the admins, then we also assume that you speak to the admins in a normal tone.


If an admin issues a mute/ban and you do not agree with it, this is to be clarified with the admin concerned. Every admin has a number behind his name in Discord (see #server-bans) and should write this also with a ban. It is not allowed to another admin without consultation with the relevant admin to lift his mute / ban. If you still think despite talking to the relevant admin that you have been wrongly banned or muted and can also prove this, you can ask the other admins to consult again with the relevant admin.


If an admin doesnt do something or says no it will have a reason. This is to be accepted. Playing the admins will lead to a ban.


The admins will not favor any player, everyone will be treated equally and have the same rights.


The admins are also only human it can also happen mistakes. If this should happen you can talk about it and find a solution.


If there are any disputes (e.g. changing codes, stealing loot, stealing bases, etc.) within a team, the admins will not interfere. Players are responsible for who they play with and trust. Rule number 1 "Dont trust in Rust".